GMVA Mission

To serve as a liaison to the residents of Grogan's Mill Village and The Woodlands Township and other governmental entities for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life of the residents of the Village of Grogan's Mill. Establish communication through proactive leadership.

MUD 46: Mark Vonderau, Felicia Poe, Marjie Podzielinski 

Mark Vonderau
Felicia Poe
Marjie Podzielinski
MUD 46

We have served MUD 46 for many years and know how all the entities work.
In our time on the board MUD taxes have decreased 73 %
We are committed to work on flood issues...Grogan’s Point, High Oaks and West High Oaks have the most flooding in The Woodlands. What can be done to alleviate flooding? What are the costs?

Addressing our aging Infrastructure is critical. Many pipes are 40+ years old and will need to be replaced. This is why reserve funds are important.
We passed a 20 per cent homestead exemption which is the largest allowed by law.
We have increased water rates for those who over water .  We implemented a twice-a-week watering program to conserve water. This is particularly critical in our hottest months of July and August.

Your vote is essential to maintain the continuity of the MUD 46 board and the future. 

Please vote!  We truly appreciate your support.

GMVA MUD Candidate Forum To Be Live Streamed

MUD 60: Richard Stromatt