The GMVA has the following committees. Each committee will have a chairman and at least one other member. They will report to the Board as necessary with the status of their activity.

School Liaison (Sep-May)

Meet with the principals of the schools periodically to determine their needs, see how we can work together to support community, Promote use of website.


Design scholarship program, recommend amount to be given, coordinate with schools and publicize. Announce awards. Contact prior recipients to encourage them to participate in money raising activities.


Plans, organizes, obtains funding for, advertises community events for the organization

Holiday Party

Plans and organizes the holiday party for the GMVA

Holiday Lighting

Plans and organizes the holiday lighting for the Grogan's Mill Village signs.

Yard-of-the-Month (Apr-Sep)

Establishes standards for award, arranges for signs, picks winners, advises winner, determines from where award is desired and handles take pictures of for website.

Farmer's Market

Volunteer at the Grogan's Mill Farmer's Market some Saturdays. Work with the Market Coordinator to improve the market.


Develop new ideas to make the web site, Facebook page, and newsletter more attractive to the community. Work with web master to improve, design increase readership. Reach out to merchants and real estate agents.

Shopping Center

Maintain contact with the merchants association, work with them to develop marketing plan, build supportive web site.


Writes the monthly article for the community magazine, Arranges for other insertions in newspapers, publicity.


Coordinates communication and/or support for the GMVA when a member needs help.