GMVA Mission

To serve as a liaison to the residents of Grogan's Mill Village and The Woodlands Township and other governmental entities for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life of the residents of the Village of Grogan's Mill. Establish communication through proactive leadership.

Texas Heritage Farm

Texas Heritage Farm

We began raising tropical plants, primarily gingers, in 2007. We soon decided we wanted to create a sustainable farm with poultry, ginger, produce, and rabbits produced using organic practices where we could capitalize on the farm synergies. All of our birds are pastured and free range so they develop lean, firm textured meat with a wonderful depth of flavor. We raise all our birds and animals on certified organic feed free of antibiotics and hormones and are supplemented with sprouted grains to further enhance their flavor. We custom process all our birds on the farm using our State licensed butcher shop. We do it all, one at a time, using sanitary methods so we don't have to put chemicals on them, like most processors must. We control all aspects of their production to insure you receive the finest poultry available for you and your family.

We also have committed to preserving heritage animals and plants by selecting the finest examples of what our ancestors developed and reproducing them, for posterity, on our farm. We sell our products to individual customers at the Grogan's Mill Farmers Market in The Woodlands and the Urban Harvest Eastside Farmers Market and to the finest chefs in Houston including Justin Yu/Better Luck Tomorrow and Theodore Rex, Chris Shepherd/One Fifth, UB Preserv and Georgia James and Hugo Ortega/ Xochi. We are grateful for their patronage.


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