Prepared Food Vendors

Angela’s Oven
Angela’s Oven is a family owned and operated bakery in the Houston Heights. All of our bread and pastries are handcrafted without the use of preservatives or dough conditioners. We use only unbleached, unbromated, non gmo bread flours. All of our artisan breads are vegan with the exception of Brioche.

Avila Flavors and Experiences
Maria Cristina, better-known as MC, and Nelson, both immigrated from Venezuela to the US looking for opportunities. The difficult conditions in their home country forced them to seek alternatives to provide a better life to their children. Both bring a passion for food and good taste. Their combination and unique skill sets enable them to not only craft delicious mouthwatering culinary experiences, but also to run a company using best in class business practices.

Boiling Bugs
At Boiling Bugs Cajun Shack we are passionate about making quality meals with the best ingredients. We want your taste buds to make you feel that you are sitting down with us at our family's dinner table.

DellaCasa Pasta
I started DellaCasa Pasta so I could make truly fresh pasta available to everyone. I wanted everyone to be able to experience what pasta should really taste like. What started out as a way to provide my family with wholesome food has become my passion. It turns out that natural ingredients really do naturally make better foods. Try DellaCasa Pasta and you will be passionate about it too!

Dracula's Chimney Cakes
Chimney cakes is a Transylvania, Romanian, 300-year-old tradition that Gabriel has added a Texas twist to. The cake is crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside making a delicious treat that is very popular.

GrandE Tamales
GrandE Tamales, LLC is a family owned business offering hand crafted tamales with authentic Mexican flavor at local farmer's markets and select H.E.B. Stores in the Houston, TX area. The menu offers traditional meat tamales, vegetarian tamales, vegan tamales, and dessert tamales. In addition, you can find Specialty Mexican Dishes, Salsas & Desserts.

Marchese Sausage
Marchese Italian Sausage is made with pork, beef and Johnny's special blend of Italian spices. The sausage contains no artificial preservatives or MSG. It is fresh frozen to preserve the authentic flavor and provide a longer shelf life. Our sausage is no longer made at home, but is produced in a USDA inspected and approved sausage plant in Houston not far from the location of the original cafe in the Houston Heights.

Quick-n-Ezee Indian Food
Nisha's Quick N Ezee Indian Food was created by Manish Puri and Ashmin Nisha. Since we moved to the States in 1996, we have been cooking delicious gourmet Indian food that we have been eating ever since childhood. We use the best and the freshest ingredients, which makes our food so fresh, tasty, and healthy. Our goal is to provide you with the best and the healthiest food we possibly can. It is all natural, quick and authentic.

SO Veganly
SO Veganly is a vegan pop-up restaurant and meal prep service specializing in organic, soy-free, gluten-free, gmo-free, & corn-Free high alkaline plant based meals!

Waffle Daddy
Belgian street waffles.

The Wheel Kitchen
The Wheel Kitchen, Farm to Table Cafe and Market. We use local farmers, growers to make our menu and bring a new experience to our customers