GMVA Mission

To serve as a liaison to the residents of Grogan's Mill Village and The Woodlands Township and other governmental entities for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life of the residents of the Village of Grogan's Mill. Establish communication through proactive leadership.

December 2018

News from TWT Environmental Services

Terri MacArthur, from Environmental Services, gave a presentation at the November GMVA meeting regarding the community Waterwise Challenge, encouraging all residents to shut off automatic watering from November through March.

She gave an impressive statistic: If just 434 homes sign up and just HALF actually turn their water off, the community saves 9 million gallons of water!
Another interesting statistic she gave:  The only one other community in the state of Texas that lower water usage than The Woodlands. That would be Frisco, Texas. Is it a coincidence Frisco is also a ‘planned community’? Our usage is now 92 gallons per day, down from 164 gallons in previous years. Quite impressive.

 A second speaker from Environmental Services, Bob Dailey, informed us that homeowners can get a rebate of up $300.00 for purchasing and installing any one of a variety of items that lower water usage.  Go to the website to find out all the details.

We also learned all homes in The Woodlands will have new water meters installed to give residents more usage information and help save water and costs.

Welcoming a New GMVA Board Member

A new GMVA board member was appointed by the board to fill an open spot. We welcome 
Ned Gaynor. Mr. Gaynor is retired from the oil and gas business but deeply involved as a volunteer in many community organizations, especially relating to climate change. He will hold the position for the next two years. 

Interested in Helping Your Community?  Become a GMVA Board Member!

There are fifteen board members on the GMVA Board, each holding their elected position for two years. Seven will be running for the positions this year, the other seven will run next year.

To run for one of the seven positions open this coming year residents of the village can file at The Township website. The election will be held February 16, 2019.

Filing begins at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, December 27, 2018, and ends at 5 p.m. on Thursday, January 17, 2019. Filing forms are available in advance as a courtesy. Filing forms will not be accepted prior to December 27; no filing forms will be accepted after the deadline. Again this year, write-in candidates must file as such by January 23 at 5 p.m. Any election that does not contain a contested race as of 5 p.m. on January 23 will be cancelled and the seating and/or filling of vacancies will proceed in accordance with your individual entity’s bylaws.

Support Your Community - Shop The Woodlands Farmer's Market

The Woodlands Farmer's Market is open every Saturday this month, except for December 29.  The only Saturday all year that the market closes is the Saturday that falls between Christmas and New Year's Day. 

We welcome you to enjoy the market. Visit with your neighbors, bring visiting guest. There’s always something new and interesting going on. You’ll find lots of ideas for the holiday season; fresh produce, foods, unique gifts, a knife sharpener, live music and a food truck every Saturday. 

Remember, all profits from the market are donated to our community organizations by the GMVA board. 

Come on out!

Yearly Recycling Challenge Report

The Township Battery Collection Contest is over. We collected 614 pounds of batteries!  That didn’t win us the top prize, but our village did win $855.00 for the amount we did collect. The money won will be distributed back into our community in the form of scholarships and school donations.

The contest is on again for the coming year so bring any and all used household batteries to The Woodlands Farmer's Market any Saturday morning between 8am and noon. We can accept alkaline batteries: AA, AAA, C, and D.

The Ice Rink is Open

The Ice Rink at The Woodlands Town Center is open daily from Saturday, November 17, 2018 through Monday, January 21, 2019.

The facility, located near the north gate entry of The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion and the intersection of Lake Robbins Drive and Six Pines Drive, features ice skating in a main room with lighting, a state-of-the-art sound system, tables for parties and concessions.

Admission Fees: 
(Monday - Thursday) Adults $10.50, Children 5 and under $5 
(Friday - Sunday) Adults $12.50, Children 5 and under $6
Helmet and walker (children’s skate trainer) rentals are also available.

Calling all Dog Lovers!

Sunday, December 16, 3pm at Bear Branch Park Feliz Navi-dog will take place. Come join the fun!

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